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Jalen Ramsey NFL Stats, Facts: Steve Smith’s Biggest Possible Rival

Jalen Ramsey NFL Stats, Facts: Steve Smith’s Biggest Possible Rival
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Jalen Ramsey NFL Stats, Facts: Steve Smith’s Biggest Possible Rival

Can Jalen Ramsey shut up Steve Smith, the big talker, once and for all? Can his confidence and talent beat the maestro himself?

Jalen Smith NFL Overview

He was a champion sprinter and a long jumper at high school and managed to hit a 40-inch vertical leap at the time. He has an ideal build for a press cover corner because of his long arms which can obstruct receivers easily.

He has won several honors and recognition such as Freshman All-American nod in 2013, All-American and first-team All-ACC in 2014 and 2015, ACC indoor and outdoor long jump titles in 2015, reports NFL.

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His long jump expertise also sets him apart from the rest, giving him the unique advantage of challenging jump balls against anyone. He has allowed a completion rate of just 38.5 %

Jalen Ramsey Could Have Been Playing For The Ravens?

It is little known that there could have been a scenario where Jalen Ramsey could have been playing for the Ravens instead of Jaguars!

The Ravens had expressed a deep desire to pick up the player during the NFL drafts but decided not to at the final moment, reports Baltimore Sun.

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Amidst solving age-old rivalry with Dallas Cowboys over No. 6 pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars swooped in and claimed their rights on Jalen Ramsey and that was that.

Jalen Ramsey Not Afraid Of Steve Smith

Before the game on Sunday, Jalen Ramsey has already announced that none of Steve Smith’s famous trash-talk during the game is going to affect his play.

“Everybody knows he’s a trash-talker,” Ramsey told The Tennessean. “He’s gotten into DB’s heads in the past. But you can’t get in my head. I’m going to play football.”

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Jalen Ramsey VS Steve Smith

Ramsey already has both age and physical attributes on his side, while Steve Smith does have a lot more experience, reports ESPN.

Ramsey is 21 while Smith is 37. Also, Ramsey is 6-foot-2 and 209 pounds, while Smith is only 5-9 and 195 pounds. On the other hand, Smith has an impressive track record to his name – 14,015 receiving yards, has caught a pass in 131 back to back games – something that Ramsey lacks.

It is still to be seen as to who comes out at the top today!

For the latest Jalen Ramsey News please stay tuned in to this site.

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