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Jaelin And Brianna White: Facts About Viral Chicago Couple

Jaelin And Brianna White: Facts About Viral Chicago Couple
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Jaelin And Brianna White: Facts About Viral Chicago Couple

Jaelin and Brianna White’s 911 phone call, taken the day they were allegedly followed and attacked by a man in Chicago, is now available on Soundcloud.

Eighteen-year-old Brianna earned money as a YouTube star, with more than 300,000 subscribers for her videos regarding fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Jaelin and Brianna White moved to Chicago then back home a few days later after an allegedly horrific encounter, which left them “homeless.” But the issue attracted criticism and support from around the world, according to AZ Central.

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The couple claimed they were waiting on a platform near their new apartment when a man approached them and started asking strange questions. Afterwards, they left and went into a nearby subway, but the man was still following them.

According to the couple, they thought the man was a lunatic, and that he was going to shoot or rob them. These thoughts made Jaelin confront the man, as well as call 911 and an Uber.

The Uber pulled up, and the couple hopped inside. As they were getting inside, the man punched Jaelin in the face. It did not stop there. When the couple was inside the car, the man shoved his arm in the front window, making an effort to hold on or get in.

According to DNA Info, netizens criticized the couple, who had inspired a viral “Brianna and Jaelin White Walking Tour.” The tour was created by comedian Kevin Fergus to retrace the locations mentioned in the couples’ story.

However, Jaelin and Brianna reacted in a video by stating that they recommend fans not to go on the walk.

“That’s what life is about, we all do dumb things, we all go through weird experiences,” Brianna said.

“We’re just sharing everything with you. A lot of the times it gets hard when it gets shared to a bigger level of people that aren’t following you and that don’t give a ffff about you.”

The teenage couple first met in high school in Avondale. They got married on Camelback Mountain, the day after Brianna’s 18th birthday in April. With plans to start an adult life together, the teenagers had moved to Chicago in July until the alleged incident.

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