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Jady Duarte: Usain Bolt ‘One Night Stand’ Hiding In Shame

Jady Duarte: Usain Bolt ‘One Night Stand’ Hiding In Shame
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Jady Duarte: Usain Bolt ‘One Night Stand’ Hiding In Shame

Jady Duarte, the girl whom Usain Bolt reportedly had a “one night stand” with, is now hiding in shame.

The 20-year-old Rio student is now embarrassed of her affair with Usain Bolt, because photos of them cuddling together in bed leaked online, days after the world was introduced to Kasi Bennett, Usain Bolt’s girlfriend of over two years!

The student and the Olympian, who just celebrated his 30th birthday in Rio, reportedly “had a good time” in bed, as photos of them together showed the fastest sprinter in the world kissing the young Brazilian while half naked.

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“It’s very negative,” she said in an interview. “I never wanted to be famous, I’m dying of shame.”

According to Headline News, Jady Duarte shared a couple of their photos together in a Whatsapp group but she never realized that it would surfaced in other social media networks.

Allegedly, Jady Duarte and Usain Bolt had a “one night stand”that lasted until Sunday after the Olympian celebrated his birthday in a club in Rio.

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Jady Duarte said that they were in a club in the west zone of Rio when Usain Bolt spotted her and asked his security guards to call her.

She even said that Usain Bolt was “normal” in bed and that their affair was not a big deal.

“It was normal, he is not as first in bed though,” she said. “I’d rather not talk about it to complicate matters further. Like I said, it was normal.”

In one leaked photo, Jady Duarte also confirmed that she received a 100 EUR from the sprinter for their affair.

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Usain Bolt’s sister Benneth said that the athlete has a girlfriend named Kasi Benneth, 26, amidst the alleged cheating photos that involved him.

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