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Jaden Smith Dead Hoax Goes Unstoppable

Jaden Smith Dead Hoax Goes Unstoppable


Jaden Smith Dead Hoax Goes Unstoppable

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

The story of Jaden Smith’s suicide has been doing the rounds on social media recently and people want to know if the news is true. Is Will Smith’s legacy going to die with Jaden Smith?

People who are freaking out and sending in a torrent of prayers and condolences to his parents can relax now because the news is a complete hoax. Jaden Smith is alive and apparently set to appear on the cover of some of the top magazines in the world!

The fraudsters who are coming up with such ridiculous stories on Facebook are only looking for a payday and nothing else.

Selling fake death hoaxes under the brand names of CNN and TMZ is just a cheap ploy to make people click on the bogus news link that directs them to an advertisement page for some shady apps, reported The Hollywood Gossip.

The biggest prove of the young star of “The Karate Kid” being far from dead is the fact that he is still posting and tweeting on his official social media pages and the fact that he just appeared in an exclusive interview for GQ (and we are pretty sure that GQ does not feature ghosts on their cover)!

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Nonchalant, yet confident, just like his father, and representing neo-fashion, Jaden Smith, 17 years of age, has paved his own path in life and aims to take Will Smith’s legacy in a new direction.

In a time where most celebrity kids either take their family name for granted or find it difficult to live up to it, young Jaden is brimming with ideas about what he would like to do in life and how he wants everything that he does to have a purpose behind it.

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“I really want to make it so that people don’t have to die to pay bills and just work to survive. So that they can work to actually live and do the things that they love to do. It also contributes towards society. It makes society a better place. That’s the ultimate goal,” he said in an interview with GQ.

Still, don’t believe that the young lad is alive and well? You can soon watch him in a movie called “The Get Down”, where he plays “psychedelically talented and enigmatic graffiti writer” named Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling.

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