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Jaden Smith Dead: Viral Fake Video Confirms Suicide

Jaden Smith Dead: Viral Fake Video Confirms Suicide

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Jaden Smith Dead: Viral Fake Video Confirms Suicide

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

Jaden Smith dead again! Internet has once again gone crazy, saying that the 18-year-old actor is dead.

It has been reported that the teen son of Will and Jade Pinkett Smith committed suicide. There are a host of reports doing the rounds that Jaden Smith reportedly committed suicide.

The teen actor allegedly committed suicide in July 2016. It appears that Jaden took his own life after Angeline Jolie’s rumored suicide in August.

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Jaden Smith reportedly made a suicide video in which he announced that he was going to kill himself. Later he said goodbye to his dad Will Smith in the alleged video.

The teen allegedly committed suicide when pictures of his girlfriend Sarah Snyder, 21, surfaced with her in bed with another guy. It was said that Jade thought that Sarah was cheating on him. The tweet picture was thought to be real by fans, but it was deleted later which added more weight to the suicide rumors of Jaden Smith.

Fans freak out over Jaden Smith alleged suicide

However, the news appears to have come from CNN, reports. As soon as the video went viral, thanks to the Internet and social media, the star’s fans were taken for a ride with the false news and believed that the actor had died rather committed suicide.

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No legitimate source

But, if we go a little deeper into the incident, the news was not true, and did not come from a legitimate source. In fact, users who clicked on the alleged CNN link were greeted with a popup message requesting permission from a Facebook app to post on their behalf, Mirror UK reports.

Dubious Facebook apps

It was a death hoax and an outright scam, a cruel prank. The messages of Jaden Smith’s alleged suicide were shared from various sites, which led to several dubious Facebook apps, including “Smart Mobiles,” “Gadgy Land,” “Pakiza,” “Top Feeds” and several others.

The 18-year-old celebrity kid is not the first to be killed by the Internet though. But, Jaden Smith is the youngest celeb to be shot dead by social media, time and again.

Jaden Smith is however is alive and in good health. He has not commented or reacted to the death rumors that don’t seem to die down anytime soon. The actor’s latest tweet shows his girlfriend.

Internet still does not seem to have enough of celebrities like Jaden Smith, Angelina Jolie, Sylvester Stallone and Miley Cyrus. Celebrity suicide hoaxes is currently in trend among hackers to create a frenzy among fans and make the news viral.

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