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Jaden Smith Dead: 18-Year-Old Star Commits Suicide, What We Know About The ‘Cause Of Death’

Jaden Smith Dead: 18-Year-Old Star Commits Suicide, What We Know About The ‘Cause Of Death’
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Jaden Smith Dead: 18-Year-Old Star Commits Suicide, What We Know About The ‘Cause Of Death’

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

A new video has surfaced detailing the supposed time when Jaden Smith declared his alleged plan to commit suicide.

Back in July, the 18-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith made headlines after a previous video report claimed that the “Karate Kid” star committed suicide.

Following its release, several updates speculating the possible causes of his death flooded difference news outlets.

Towards the end of August, the Jaden Smith dead stories appeared to have finally ended, not until last week when the said topic began to pick up once again because of the supposed new video.

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In the new clip, with its screen shot shared on Twitter, the young Hollywood actor was seen teary-eyed, as if he was really announcing a big yet a disheartening decision.

Another Death Hoax

While some fans have reportedly shared it as soon as it came out along with their message of sympathy to his family, Twitter user @amirawashere was different.

“Honestly, Facebook is one of the dumbest social media sites ever,” she wrote. “Since when did Jaden Smith commit suicide?”

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In the actor’s Instagram post a week ago, which showed him in an all-black ensemble while holding an image of a question mark, he asked “Where in the love?” to describe it.

Was it intended to those who have been killing him over and over again in the fake news?

With fans reacting to his message, it can be noted that a number of them seemed to have given reference to the unending death hoax on Jaden Smith.

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“If you love your mom write this on 20 posts if you don’t she’ll die in a year,” most of the comments read.

According to Morning Ledger, the “death” of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” star even became “more believable when a tweeted-then-deleted photograph of Jaden’s girlfriend purportedly in bed with another guy trended on Twitter.”

Many reportedly thought that it could have been his reason for allegedly ending his life.

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However, the news outlet dished that there could be other possible motivations that the Jaden Smith death hoax has been on for quite some time now.

Allegedly, it could be a publicity stunt, not just for the young actor’s Netflix show “The Get Down” but also for Will Smith’s “Suicide Squad.”

It was even pointed out that latest news video came out just in time for the release of his father’s “Collateral Beauty” trailer.

Do you think the camp of Jaden Smith has something to do with the “dead” reports?

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