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Jack Mitnick Revelation: Why The Accountant Became An Overnight Social Media Star

Jack Mitnick Revelation: Why The Accountant Became An Overnight Social Media Star
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Jack Mitnick Revelation: Why The Accountant Became An Overnight Social Media Star

Jack Mitnick became an overnight celebrity after revealing details about Donald Trump’s alleged tax fraud. The 80-year old was the billionaire businessman’s accountant and claimed that Trump avoided paying federal income tax for almost a decade.

Mitnick became a hero to Clinton supporters after the New York Times published an investigation to Trump’s finances. The Times cited the semi-retired lawyer as the source of the information regarding the GOP nominee’s tax fraud.

According to Heavy, after an anonymous tipper mailed Trump’s alleged 1995 tax returns, the New York Times needed to prove they were genuine. The paper turned to Jack Mitnick, a lawyer and certified public accountant who handled the businessman’s tax matters up until 1996.

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Mr. Mitnick was listed as the preparer of the 1995 New Jersey tax form to which he confirmed, recognizing the signature appearing in the documents to be indeed his. He also pointed the enormous losses incurred by Donald Trump and how he utilized those losses to eliminate his personal income tax.

Jack Mitnick: The Trump Insider Hillary Clinton Was Waiting For

The staggering business losses, $915,729,293, were so great that the tax preparing software he was using couldn’t handle it at the time. Mitnick revealed he had to type in the first two digits by hand, which was how the figures appeared on the documents.

Mitnick confirmed that the documents were legitimate. He even went further by saying “Here the guy was building incredible net worth and not paying tax on it.”

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Trump critics and supporters of Sec. Clinton praised the lawyer of 55 years for revealing what they considered as a huge blow to the GOP nominee. The Clinton campaign had been pressuring Trump to release his tax returns to the public in the name of transparency.

Donald Trump however repeatedly refused to release his records citing an ongoing audit as the reason. Do you believe that the GOP nominee committed tax fraud as Jack Mitnick says? Let us know in the comments below.

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