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In ‘Ilvermorny’, J.K Rowling Makes Sure Women Rule

In ‘Ilvermorny’, J.K Rowling Makes Sure Women Rule
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In ‘Ilvermorny’, J.K Rowling Makes Sure Women Rule

Renowned author J.K Rowling, the mind behind the Harry Potter series, wrote a new story featuring Ilvermorny, an American Wizarding School. Compared to Hogwarts, Ilvermorny has some powerful women personalities.

J.K Rowling’s latest offer is every Harry Potter fan’s dream come true and then some. Those who believe in the value of women empowerment will find themselves mightly pleased with the new J.K. Rowling offering.

J.K Rowling released the new story through Pottermore called “Ilvermorny”, which is the second in a series of new works by the author called “Magic in North America.”

According to the story, Ilvermorny came about through Isolt Sayre, a descendant of Salazar Slytherin, one of the great founders of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Sayre was once kidnapped by an evil witch in the 17th century. She then escaped from the witch and found herself in the United States where she built Ilvermorny in Massachusetts.

Refinery29 explained that J.K Rowling presents this new story which has a little similarity to the scene where Harry Potter and his parents—James and Lily—have to die just to protect him against Voldemort.

On that story, James had to fight then and his wife Lily had to protect baby Harry until Voldemort’s deadly curse killed her but gave baby Harry immense power because of his mom’s love.

This time, Sayre, a mother two her two daughters, protected them against an evil witch who appeared in the middle of the night. Her husband, James, was the one who stayed beside their children by the nursery to guard them.


For a woman to fight and for a man to stay with the children is pure genius as it is empowering. Not only does it empowers women, it also brings forth the idea that men can be the loving and caring figures at home — which is empowering it its own way.

It can be recalled that J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter also has a number of female characters. There is Ron and Harry’s best friend Hermione, Professor McGonagall, and Ron’s mother Mrs. Weasley. All of them are powerful characters.

Aside from this scrapping of traditional gender roles, J.K. Rowling’s newest story includes more about Ilvermorny’s four

Ilvermony” is timely, since the release of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is around the corner.

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