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Ivanka Trump To Run As Vice President For Donald Trump, Report

Ivanka Trump To Run As Vice President For Donald Trump, Report
Donald and Ivanka Trump Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA / Wikimedia Commons cc


Ivanka Trump To Run As Vice President For Donald Trump, Report

People like Senator Bob Corker and Eric Trump have been pointing at Ivanka Trump to become vice president for Donald Trump. They believe Ivanka would be a great pick as his father’s vice president.

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker had taken himself off from the VP race on Wednesday. According to him, the Republican frontrunner must pick his daughter Ivanka to become his running mate.

NBC News reported that Corker believes Donald Trump’s “best running mate” would definitely be his daughter.

“I know that wouldn’t pass muster probably but I don’t know if I’ve met a more composed, brilliant, beautiful-in-every-way person,” Corker said.

Brother Eric is in complete support of Ivanka. On Thursday, Eric said that his sister has his vote without any doubt.

“I agree, right? She’s got the beautiful looks, right? She’s got — she’s smart, she’s smart, smart, smart. … She’s certainly got my vote,” Eric said.

During the interview, a statement was made regarding the excellent business sense Ivanka carries. Ivanka’s brother said, “She amazing.”

It was on December 2015, during an interview on “Live with Kelly & Michael,” when Donald Trump himself said he was “eyeing” for Ivanka to be the vice president. However, he went on to say he was only kidding. He said that if Ivanka became the vice president, the press would be having a blast. But the Republican frontrunner added that Ivanka would indeed do good as vice president.

According to People, a law professor at St. Louis University, Joel Goldstein said there is no constitutional prohibition against being in the competition together just because they are father and daughter.

However, Donald Trump said back in 2015 that he is not at all bothered by the vice presidency simply because he wants to win first.

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