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Israel, US Relations: 5 Ways ‘Tail Wags The Dog’ Again

Israel, US Relations: 5 Ways ‘Tail Wags The Dog’ Again
Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016 U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv/Flickr CC by 2.0


Israel, US Relations: 5 Ways ‘Tail Wags The Dog’ Again

Over the past years, the diplomatic relationship between Israel and the United States has turned sour. This, according to several accounts, has led some observers to believe that there’s more to the seemingly severing tie between the two allied superpowers.

Stabbing Incidents

While US Vice President Joe Bidden, was in Israel for official business, at least three stabbing incidents transpired in different locations, the Haaretz reported. While Bidden was meeting former Israeli President Shimon Peres in the Peres Peace Center in Jaffa, a single assailant was having a stabbing spree killing an American tourist, while 11 others were injured.

Aside from the Jaffa incident, two more stabbing incidents happened while Bidden was in the country, including the one in Jerusalem and Petah Tikvah. All three stabbing incidents happened in one day on Tuesday. Although there has been no conclusive evidence that would link the three incidents to Bidden’s visit to Israel, local police authorities are not ruling out the same possibility.

Netanyahu Cancels US Visit

Early this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled his supposed state visit to the US on March 18 in time for the annual conference of the American-Israel Political Affairs Committee. According to a report from the Fox News, it was Israel that suggested either March 17 or 18 for the state visit, to which the US picked 18 instead.

But in a turn of events, Netanyahu cancelled the supposed visit, which left the Obama administration caught in surprise. It was reported by local media Hareetz in Israel that the US failed to arrange the meeting of the two heads of states, but the US was quick to dismiss the claim saying they agreed to the dates proposed by Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s Problem with Trump

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Netanyahu is betting the future of US-Israel relations on the Republicans, a report from the Vox showed. However, as GOP’s leading contender, Donald Trump has expressed its take on US-Israel relations should he become a president. Should Trump would end up in the White House, now that’s a big trouble for Netanyahu.

While the rest of the US politicians who hoping to get their part’s nomination for this year’s presidential election, both from the Republicans and Democrats, have the same stance on US-Israel relations, Trump’s position is different. Although Trump, along with other politicians, believes that the US should maintain a neutral position on Israel-Palestine conflict, for example, if the negotiations would fail, it’s Israel’s fault.

US-Iran Nuke Deal

Speaking before the Congress, Netanyahu slammed the United State’s deal with Iran over the latter’s nuclear facilities, the Hareetz reported. The Israel PM said Iran would forever be an enemy of the US.

Netanyahu has been very vocal in criticizing the diplomacy that the US has been showing toward Iran, which Netanyahu called as a country “deeply rooted in militant Islam.” This development added more pressure to the souring relations between the two nations.

Netanyahu Told To Fix Mess

While US President Barack Obama already said that it’s highly unlikely that the recent issue will sever the diplomatic ties between the two nations, senior US officials told Netanyahu to fix the crisis that he started.

In a report from Hareetz, should Netanyahu be reelected, the burden is on him in fixing the crisis that he had started. Obama, for his part, maintained that there’s really nothing new on Netanyahu’s recent speech before the Congress.

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