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Israel, No Longer US’ Tail But Putin’s Ally?

Israel, No Longer US’ Tail But Putin’s Ally?
Meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu President Of Russia/Official Website CC by 2.0

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Israel, No Longer US’ Tail But Putin’s Ally?

Russia and Israel are reportedly working on a way to reconcile differences to avoid further escalation of tensions that comes with militaries operating at close proximity in Syria. The Russian forces have recently fired at a Israeli military aircraft and the international community perceived the incident as something could jeopardize things. However, the two leaders proved otherwise.

On April 21, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to Moscow to talk over military coordination with Russian president Vladimir Putin. The discussion focused on cooperation to avoid incidents between the forces of the two nations in Syria.

The two leaders, specifically, discussed about their bilateral cooperation, including security and key issues of the global and regional agendas such as prospects for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement and the situation in Syria, according to an official statement from the website of the Russian president.

“It is very good that we maintain regular contacts at such a high level. I think there are understandable reasons for these intensive contacts, given the complicated situation in the region,” Putin said during their meeting.

Netanyahu on the other hand said that he came to Russia “with the sole concrete objective of strengthening the coordination between Israel and Russia in the security area, so as to avoid mistakes, misunderstanding or incidents.”

“We are doing everything we can to ensure that Hezbollah does not get its hands on the ultramodern weapons coming in from Syria and Iraq,” the prime minister added.

According to latest reports, Russian forces in Syria fired at Israeli military aircraft which forced the latter’s prime minister to ensure improved operational coordination with Moscow. No dates or locations were provided about the incident.

“We must remember there is a war being waged beyond our border,” The Jerusalem Post quoted the official. “We don’t always pay attention to that, but we [Israel and Russia] are discussing this regularly.”

Israel has always been a strong American ally. The US government’s relationship with the nation is important to its overall policy in the Middle East. The meeting between Netanyahu and Putin, however, came in a time when reports of a dwindling US-Israel relations are abound.

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