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It’s ISIS Vs. Taliban Now

It’s ISIS Vs. Taliban Now
ISIL Flag Global Panorama / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


It’s ISIS Vs. Taliban Now

While the world is fighting against the internationally branded terrorist ISIS and the militant group of Taliban, both groups are fighting its own battle against each other, at least in Afghanistan.

With Taliban’s internal structure has been put to test following the death of its founder Mullah Omar two years ago, reports show the Taliban has implemented a leadership reshuffling and named its new leader, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour. Taliban’s announcement of Mansour as its new leader came amid reports saying ISIS is making its way to Afghanistan, the CNBC News reported.

Last December, ISIS called Taliban a deviant in a recorded video that circulated the world. The video intensified the rift between the two groups, which dragged over the past months. The Taliban considers the ISIS, which is also called Daesh, not the U.S. or its allies, a serious enemy.

“Daesh is a real threat as they are snatching our people and increasing its writ in Afghanistan,” a Taliban commander told the CNBC News after requesting anonimity.

In a separate report from the CNBC News, it was also revealed that some high-ranking officials of ISIS have abandoned the group and joined the Taliban. The report notes that ISIS’ cruelty and violence, especially among the civilians, have prompted the officials to change groups.

The report, however, wasn’t able to confirm the exact numbers of ISIS members who left the group and joined the Taliban. Taliban’s commander in Nangarhar, Mullah Abdul Jabbbar, said ISIS’ violence towards the civilian in the area has prompted those members to finally left the group.

“Their brutality an‎d inhuman activities earned them foes but it helped us as not only the common Afghan but their own commanders and fighters started hating them and their policies,” Jabbbar was quoted as saying by CNBC News.

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