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ISIS Vs Mafia: New War Has Risen

ISIS Vs Mafia: New War Has Risen
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ISIS Vs Mafia: New War Has Risen

The “son of a key figure in the Gambino crime syndicate,” Giovanni Gambino, sent a message to the ISIS saying that the Big Apple is off limits.

The “son of a key figure in the Gambino crime syndicate,” Giovanni Gambino, sent a message to the ISIS saying that the Big Apple is off limits. It is protected by the Sicilian Mafia, he said. The Gambino family is known to be one of the “Five Families” that control organized crime activity in New York City.

In a 2012 interview with NBC News, Gambino detailed the sweeping history behind the Sicilian Mafia and how the crime syndicate had been protecting New York City up to this very day. In a statement released last week, he said that Mafia’s protection is more important than ever, especially in the wakes of the Paris attacks on Nov. 13.

“The Mafia has a bad reputation, but much of that’s undeserved. As with everything in life, there are good, bad and ugly parts – the rise of global terrorism gives the Mafia a chance to show its good side,” Gambino said in the statement.

He made the bold claim that ISIS fears the Sicilian Mafia and noted that no terrorist activity affiliated to the group was ever conducted in Sicily. He said the same kind of security is being implemented in New York today, thanks to the organized crime syndicate.

Gambino said that the FBI and Homeland Security are limited in what they can do. The Mafia and its allies, on the other hand, shared a powerful connection that wherever Sicilian influence is strong in New York, the ISIS could never ever be able to penetrate.

“The world is dangerous today, but people living in New York neighborhoods with Sicilian connections should feel safe. We make sure our friends and families are protected from extremists and terrorists, especially the brutal, psychopathic organization that calls itself the Islamic State,” Gambino declared.

Gambino’s vouch for Sicilian protection came in the wakes of ISIS threat against Washington D.C. His statement was also made coincidentally after an ex-secret services agent in Italy admitted that the Mafia can protect Italy against the terrorist group. “The presence of the criminal organizations which control the territory will not allow terrorists to permeate their zones,” the ex-spy said as quoted by The Local.

Mafia’s clout could never be underestimated. So much so that even Italian officials recognized its power over Sicily. Claudio Fava, the deputy chair of the National Anti-Mafia Commission, had even acknowledged that Sicily might be safe from ISIS because of the organized crime syndicate. “I am not surprised Sicily may be thought to be not at risk of Islamic State (ISIS) infiltration due to the presence of the Mafia. We’ve already seen that during the years of (domestic) terrorism in Italy,” Fava said in Palermo as quoted by ANSA.

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