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ISIS Uses Prisoners As Lab Rats For Chemical Weapons Attack

ISIS Uses Prisoners As Lab Rats For Chemical Weapons Attack
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ISIS Uses Prisoners As Lab Rats For Chemical Weapons Attack

Notorious international terrorist ISIS is reportedly using captive prisoners to test chemical weapons that they are developing.

The ISIS is now currently developing chemical weapon in its heavily controlled territories. Apart from the imminent danger these weapons pose, reports have it that residents in these communities are now experiencing health problems, especially among children. Locals have since reported cases of respiratory complaints, while others complain of skin diseases due to the toxic chemicals.

An investigative report from the Telegraph found that the ISIS is currently developing new bioterror weapon. In order to test its effect, the terrorists are using their prisoners as guinea pigs. In order to test the toxicity of thee chemicals, they expose these prisoners to chlorine and mustard gas.

It was also reported that the terrorist group has also seized a large volume of industrial chlorine and even toxic chemical weapon from the possession of Bashar al-Assad outside of Syria. The group is known in using chemical weapon when it attacked a troupe of Kurdish Peshmerga in Syria and northern Iraq.

The ISIS, the report added, are also using rabbits and dogs in their experiments. But after using the animals for their laboratory testing, they simply dispose them recklessly in public places, which increases the risk of catching a disease from the decaying animals.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, it was revealed that international terrorist groups such as ISIS may already considering using biological weapons, particularly Ebola, in its terroristic activities.

U.S. Naval War College professor Capt. Al Shimkus, Ret., told Forbes that using Ebola as a biological weapon requires little sophistication as a human carrier infected with the deadly virus is needed to cause global chaos.

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