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ISIS Reaches UNESCO World Heritage Site In Syria

ISIS Reaches UNESCO World Heritage Site In Syria
Monumental Arch, Palmyra, Syria yeowatzup / Flickr CC BY 2.0


ISIS Reaches UNESCO World Heritage Site In Syria

The ISIS has launched an attack in the surrounds of Sikhna city in Syria, northeast of Palmyra where the relic of the Roman Century AD lies. The site is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Further fighting poses an imminent threat to what was described as an irreplaceable cultural treasure for the Syrian people.

UNESCO voiced out concern over ancient Palmyra site

The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, has voiced out concern over reports that the deadly terrorist group has reached the outskirts of the World Heritage site. Palmyra is a representation of an extraordinary relic of the first century AD, Bokova said. She said that the relic in Palmyra is a masterpiece of architecture and Roman urbanism. The site’s colonnaded main street and the temple of Baal is one of the most important cultural moments in Syria.

Bokova is now calling for immediate ceasefire.

“The site has already suffered four years of conflict, it suffered from looting and represents an irreplaceable treasure for the Syrian people and for the world. I appeal to all parties to protect Palmyra and make every effort to prevent its destruction,” Bokova said in a statement.

ISIS has seized control north of Palmyra city

The ISIS has launched a major offensive near the ancient city of Palmyra, central Syria, ARA News reported. The terrorist group has clashed with the Assad forces in the nearby police station and hospital. According to sources who have spoken with the ARA News, the ISIS has now taken control of the Amiriya area which is located north of Palmyra city.

Civil rights activist Bassam al-Dairi confirmed the reports saying that the ISIS has already announced on Wednesday evening that it is taking full control of the Sikhna city and is on the way to the suburbs of Palmyra. He added that many of the Assad forces were killed and civilians are scrambling to escape the violence.


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