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ISIS Next Target Is San Francisco, Golden Gate & Skyscraper, According To New Video

ISIS Next Target Is San Francisco, Golden Gate & Skyscraper, According To New Video
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ISIS Next Target Is San Francisco, Golden Gate & Skyscraper, According To New Video

ISIS released a new video that makes specific threats against San Francisco and Las Vegas while intensely praising Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen.

The video was titled “Inspirations of Satan.” The video shows web journalists in Syria being publicly executed, beheaded, and blown up by bombs planted in their computers and cameras. The Eiffel Tower and Times Square are also shown being blown up later in the video, released on ISIS terrorist channels on June 25.

The ISIS video was released in Mosul. It shows images of Mateen and news clippings of the Pulse attack on June 12, said Heavy.

The video (embedded below) has extreme graphic content; viewer discretion is highly advised.

A jerky shot of the Golden Gate Bridge is shown, most probably shot by a handheld. The footage seems like it was taken with a cell phone camera along the bridge’s pedestrian walkway.

In the shot, the camera pans up to show one of the supports of the suspension bridge. Then it focuses on the cars driving past.

A San Francisco neighborhood is also seen in the video as the Bosnian jihadist encourages attacks. The camera pans up to the top of the 52-story 555 California Street tower on Pine Street. It happens to be the second-tallest building in the city.

However, the most ferocious part of the video is the footage shot by Larossi Abballa. He filmed the footage while he attacked a French police commander and his family on June 13.

While he was inside the home of his victims, Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Jessica Schneider, Abballa livestreamed his statement on Facebook. Jean-Baptiste was a police station secretary.

The attack took place in Magnanville, about 30 miles outside of Paris. Abballa was born in France and is of Moroccan heritage.

In the video, Abballa stated that he was pursuing the directive of al-Baghdadi for jihadists in their home countries to kill the infidels in their homes.

The ISIS video also contains images of American Muslim leaders. They were making statements after the Orlando shooting, and were accused of cooperating with disbelievers.

The video also shows the CAIR press conference.

According to PJ Media, an image of U.S. President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande embracing can be seen on the ISIS video. The image is edited with flames going up and surrounding the pair.

[wpvideo 3qNRD1pk]

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