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ISIS News: Risk Of Europe Invasion Reaches Highest Level In 20 Years

ISIS News: Risk Of Europe Invasion Reaches Highest Level In 20 Years
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ISIS News: Risk Of Europe Invasion Reaches Highest Level In 20 Years

The notorious Islamist terrorist group ISIS continues to sow chaos across the world and the threat it posed in Europe, in particular, has reached unprecedented levels, experts say.

Belgian European Union (EU) official Gilles de Kerchove has warned his fellow EU officials of possible terrorist attacks from the feared terrorist group, especially in most parts of Europe. ISIS has carried out several deadly attacks in Europe, particularly in Germany and France in the previous months.

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But what’s bothersome with Kerchove’s recent statement is the possibility of ISIS using chemical weapons in carrying out its attacks. This, according to the senior EU official, has reached to the highest level in the last 20 years, the RT reported.

Kerchove warned that if ISIS continues to face pressure, it’s highly likely that it will increase its deployment of fighters in parts of Europe. Some of them, the intelligence chief added, would probably go to terrorism hotspots to continue its jihad, including Libya.

ISIS in Europe

“How will we handle not hundreds but thousands of fighters who will either want to go to another hotspot – Libya is probably the most obvious one but there are many others where they can hide – or they may want to get back home?” Kerchove was quoted as saying by RT.

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Just this week, French police have arrested two teenage girls over alleged terror plot. Police believe that the suspects, 17 and 19 year-olds, have links with Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the ABNA reported.

The two live in the same area in Nice, France as the Tunisian man whom police identified as radical Muslim. But police failed to recover any weapons that may be used for terror attack when the two were apprehended.

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