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ISIS Infiltrates US-backed New Syrian Army

ISIS Infiltrates US-backed New Syrian Army
Feb. 24, 2012. A Free Syrian Army fighter is seen as he aims at an Al Assad Forces position in al-Qsair Freedom House / Flickr cc

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ISIS Infiltrates US-backed New Syrian Army

The ISIS has released a new propaganda video showing American troops training Syrian allies.

Since the U.S. began launching airstrikes two years ago, almost 45,000 Islamic State fighters have been killed in the Middle East, said Army Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland, adding that coalition forces made actual advances against the jihadist group.

According to CBS News, the propaganda footage reportedly shows the first video of U.S. special operatives training New Syrian Army soldiers to fight ISIS at a military camp in Jordan.

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In the video, the New Syrian Army rebels were heading toward the Islamic State stronghold of al-Bukamal. But a massive gunfire made them stop and they were forced to retreat.

The video also shows a blond man, who is described as an American, training a Syrian fighter how to speak in front of a camera. He instructs his trainee in Arabic that hand movements can be done in front of the camera, but asks him not to move his legs.

The most troubling part is how the Islamic radical group got their hands on the video. An easy theory states that the Islamic State could have snatched the video off rebel fighters. However, the dangerous theory is that it could have been the work of an insider.

“Has ISIS been able to penetrate Syrian rebel forces and get inside one of these training camps?” questioned CBS National Security Analyst Fran Townsend. “That poses a whole host of security concerns, because you run the risk that once they have access to the training sites, it’s a counterintelligence problem as well as a security problem.”

Further on into the footage, it could be seen that the extremists are holding weapons provided by the U.S. These weapons include rocket-propelled grenade launchers, mortars, and thousands of rounds of ammunition, reported the Daily Mail.

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