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ISIS Hit List Fails To Scare 100 U.S. Service Members

ISIS Hit List Fails To Scare 100 U.S. Service Members
Image from Flickr by Jayel Aheram


ISIS Hit List Fails To Scare 100 U.S. Service Members

Image from jayel Aheram

Image from Flickr by Jayel Aheram

Three servicemen out of the 100 members whose names were found on an ISIS hit list said they are not scared with the online threat. The reaction came as a group identifying themselves as the Islamic State Hacking Division released the list of names and personal information of servicemen named as targets for homegrown radicals.

ISIS Hit List of 100 U.S. Service Members

Members of the Islamic State Hacking Division have called for lone wolfs and homegrown terrorists to attack 100 U.S. service members they identified as participants in airstrikes conducted against ISIS. The group released its hit list via Polish social platform,

“These Kuffar that drop bombs over Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Khurasan and Somalia are from the same lands that you reside in, so when will you take action? Know that it is wajib for you to kill these kuffar! and now we have made it easy for you by giving you addresses, all you need to do is take the final step, so what are you waiting for? Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets thinking they are safe…” the group posted, as seen by the New York Daily News.

The list included names, units and addresses of individuals serving the Air Force, Navy and Marines. The list also included pictures of the servicemen.


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The ‘Hit List’ Is Not Going To Work

Three servicemen interviewed by ABC News said they are not scared of the threat. The servicemen, whose names were withheld, said the hit list is just a way of ISIS to intimidate them, “and it’s not going to work.”

The two other servicemen said the list was “regrettable,” and that it is surprising to have come from the ISIS. Nevertheless, they are not scared of the threat.

“I wouldn’t say I’m scared. It’s just part of this ‘new war’ against an enemy with a different, more developed capability than what we’ve faced in the past. We have to make the adjustments in order to continue to win the battles,” one of the servicemen told ABC News.

The servicemen said the information included in the ISIS hit list were not obtained through hacking as how the group claimed.

“We really weren’t surprised because all the people I saw on that list are on a webpage some place anyways, all that information was already public,” one of the servicemen said.

“In a world with computers, it’s easy to find information on anyone. We have a footprint — the best we can do is to make that foot print not so deep in the sand,” the other serviceman said.


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