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ISIS Heat Map Revealed: Facts About Islamic State’s Location

ISIS Heat Map Revealed: Facts About Islamic State’s Location
Coalition Airstrike on ISIL position in Kobane Voice of America News: Scott Bobb reports from the Suruç, Turkey/ Kobane, Syrian border; “Turkish Border Towns Hosting Thousands of Kobani Refugees” / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


ISIS Heat Map Revealed: Facts About Islamic State’s Location

While more airstrikes were launched by the U.S. against ISIS targets on Libya on Tuesday, an ISIS heat map has been revealed.

The map gives out the international expansion of the terror group. Similarly, U.S. airstrikes from Iraq and Syria to Libya is revealing an expansion of U.S. military operations.

According to NBC, the ISIS heat map is part of a clandestine briefing document, which the White House received, dated “August 2016.” It was created by the National Counter-terrorism Center, said the publication.

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The map revealed a “stunning three-fold increase in the number of places around the globe where ISIS is operating,” according to NBC.

Documents from the U.S. State Department hinted that in 2014, when the U.S. military initiated its operations to destroy the extremists, the presence of the then-emerging organization was restricted to only seven nations.

In 2015, the U.S. State Department gave its numbers again, and the number of ISIS-infested nations had almost doubled to 13 countries.

The latest heat map revealed around 18 countries where ISIS is functional. The heat map also revealed that a new category of branches are in the making.

These branches include six countries where ISIS are sheltering themselves in. They are Egypt, Indonesia, Mali, the Philippines, Somalia and Bangladesh.

Malcolm Nance, NBC’s terrorism analyst, said that U.S. military had hit the core of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. However, there is still a problem, according to the heat map.

“[It] could probably be a lot bigger if they were to show all the aspirational regions where ISIS wants to operate and has carried out terrorist attacks,” Nance said.

“It’s fair to say that the whole battle space is expanding for ISIS.”

According to FOX News, President Obama has given green light to a 30-day mission for the U.S. military to administer airstrikes against the Islamic State terror group in Libya.

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