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ISIS’ Heads COOKED By Grandmother: Who Is Wahida Mohamed

ISIS’ Heads COOKED By Grandmother: Who Is Wahida Mohamed
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ISIS’ Heads COOKED By Grandmother: Who Is Wahida Mohamed

An Iraqi woman is gaining popularity not only in her hometown, but even across the world for beheading and cooking heads of terrorist group members, ISIS.

Wahida Mohamed Al-Jumaily, 39, is a picture of a fierce woman molded by the harsh war condition in her hometown Shirqat, Iraq. She’s leading a militia group in a bid to rid her hometown of ISIS members.

Cooks Heads of Beheaded ISIS

In her interview with the CNN, she bragged about the ISIS members she has already beheaded and were subsequently posted on her Facebook account. She showed no signs of remorse for all the ISIS members she had killed and beheaded. “I fought them. I beheaded them. I cooked their heads, I burned their bodies,” she said.

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But what hides behind her fierce disposition is a story of a wounded mother and wife who lost a number of her family members to ISIS. She recalled that both her first and second husband were killed by the notorious group during its reign in their community. That is on top of the fact that her three brothers were also killed by the same group.

Revenge Against ISIS

These experiences, coupled by all the atrocities that ISIS has caused in their community, have fueled her desire to execute as many ISIS members as she could. This, makes her the top of the wanted list of ISIS, even more than Iraq’s Prime Minister.

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“I began fighting the terrorists in 2004, working with Iraqi security forces and the coalition. I received threats from the top leadership of ISIS, including from Abu Bakr (al-Baghdadi) himself,” she told the CNN, referring to ISIS’s self-declared caliph.

But Wahida refused to heed the group’s threats and continue working with the Iraqi security forces in warding off the ISIS group in their area. She uses a machete in decapitating their captive ISIS members.

She had already survived six assassination attempts during the course of her fight against ISIS. But it appeared that these plots weren’t enough to make her stop with her campaign, the Daily Mail reported.

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