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ISIS Fanatics Call For New Year’s Attack In Malls, Cinemas And Hospitals

ISIS Fanatics Call For New Year’s Attack In Malls, Cinemas And Hospitals
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ISIS Fanatics Call For New Year’s Attack In Malls, Cinemas And Hospitals

ISIS fanatics have urged lone wolves to conduct attacks in malls, hospitals and cinemas. They have called out for a New Year mayhem.

ISIS: New Year Mayhem

The Islamic State had released photos of a knife-wielding fanatic chasing Santa Claus. While releasing that photo, they called out for the lone wolf attacks during New Year’s celebrations in western cities.

The Islamic State fanatics made a chilling post. In the post, the jihadists cautioned ‘disbelieving dogs’ by stating that while preparing for Christmas celebrations, they must prepare for their coffins as well.

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According to Daily Mail, another photo was launched showing a jihadist standing next to a burning numerical 2017 image. Moreover, the image vowed to create New Year mayhem.

The call came after last week’s lone wolf attacked at the Christmas market in Berlin. In addition, during that attack, an Islamic State fanatic drove a lorry through the market and killed 12 people.

“You disbelieving dogs which prepared for Christmas celebrations, be ready for shedding the blood scattering the shreds and funerals, for the eyes of caliphate lions are looking straight towards you and promise you with bitter deaths,” the post said.

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“We will make your New Year mayhem with bombings and trampling attacks.”

Furthermore, another caption said that the new year celebrations have become the battlefield for Islamic State and they are coming to kill.

According to the Foreign Desk, these disturbing and graphic messages were shared on messaging app Telegram. It was posted by pro-ISIS group – the Nashir Media Foundation.

ISIS: Security Measures

German authorities have increased security for New Year’s eve celebrations in Berlin. Authorities have deployed police with machine guns.

They are securing the festive zone around the Brandenburg Gate by using concrete slabs. Police in south west France recently arrested a man after suspecting that he was planning a brutal assault on New Year’s eve.

In Toulouse, two other suspects had been caught. One of them is suspected of having prepped an attack on police.

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