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ISIS Faces 450 More U.S. Troops After Christian Kidnapping

ISIS Faces 450 More U.S. Troops After Christian Kidnapping
Emails from Iraq: October 13, 2006 Jayel Aheram/Flickr


ISIS Faces 450 More U.S. Troops After Christian Kidnapping

President Barack Obama is sending 450 more U.S. military personnel to train, advise, and assist Iraqi Security Forces in their fight with the deadly terrorist group ISIS. Mr Obama heeded to the request made by Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi. The decision received a unanimous support from the president’s national security team.

U.S. Military troops will not be involved in combat role

The additional troops will not serve in any combat role in the battlefield, the White House said in its announcement. They will join the 3,100 U.S. troops who were already deployed in Iraq and have trained 9,000 Iraqi troops in Al-Asad, besmaya, Erbil and Taji.

Mr Obama also “authorized a comprehensive approach to aid the Iraqi government’s efforts to support the people and communities” disrupted by the ISIS. The White House said the president had been involved with the Iraqi government, the coalition and the United Nations in “developing holistic framework to help the Iraqi government provide sustained security, services and assistance.”

In support of all the efforts by Prime Minister Al-Abadi, the government will support plans aimed at liberating Anbar from the terrorist group. The president also vowed support for the prime minister’s goal of creating “functional federalism” which involved empowering local communities to fight the ISIS.

ISIS kidnaps Christians

The new support from the government was announced following reports of ISIS kidnapping 88 Eritrean Christians in Libya. The victims were said to be traveling to Libya to board a migrant boat to Europe.

Twelve Eritrean Muslims and some Egyptians were also among those who were kidnapped, Meron Estafanos of the Stockholm-based International Commission on Eritrean Refugees told the Daily Mail. He said the Muslims were separated from the Christians and another 12 Eritrean Christian women were separated from the group.


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