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ISIS Attack 2016: Bombing May Be Expected On September 11

ISIS Attack 2016: Bombing May Be Expected On September 11
Can the US actually defeat ISIS? the limits of “limited war” Day Donaldson / Flickr cc


ISIS Attack 2016: Bombing May Be Expected On September 11

Fifteen years after the horrific attack on 9/11, the war on terror is still ongoing against a whole new enemy. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been replaced with a newer, more terrifying enemy: Islamic State better known as ISIS.

Now with the anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack in American history just a few days away, could the group be planning another attack? And if they are, could the government do anything to stop it?

According to Heavy, the White House’s top counterterrorism official, Counterterrorism Center chief Nick Rasmussen’ s answer is “yes.” The threat U.S. and its European allies is ‘bigger, wider and deeper’ than at any point since 9/11.

Just recently major European cities as well cities in the US have been the targets of terrorist attacks. However unlike the attack on the World Trade Center it will likely be carried out by homegrown terrorists. The same type of terrorists that carried out the San Bernardino shootings.

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Homegrown terrorists pose the greatest danger due most of them have lived most of their lives in the US. They have neither a history of criminal activities to catch attention and are being radicalized through the Internet.

ISIS Could Use The Migrant Crisis To Attack The West And The US

ISIS has also taken advantage of the refugee crisis to send its operatives to the West posing as migrants. These sleeper cells can either act independently or coordinate with their leadership in Iraq and Syria.

The group might also seek help with Al Qaeda  given that they successfully carried out an attack on US soil. Although Al Qaeda is a shadow of its former self, most of its members have been waging the jihad for more than a decade.

However the possibility of the two terrorist groups working together is unlikely. This is due to Ayman al-Zawahiri the current head of Al Qaeda declaring on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the “caliph” of ISIS.

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