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ISIS Already In UK! Pentagon Plans Deployment Of Cyber Bombs

ISIS Already In UK! Pentagon Plans Deployment Of Cyber Bombs


ISIS Already In UK! Pentagon Plans Deployment Of Cyber Bombs

Intelligence reports confirmed that the international terrorist group of ISIS has already found its way to most parts of Europe. With this, the U.S announced its plan to use a different strategy in waging war against the notorious group: using cyber bombs.

ISIS cells have reached as far as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy, among others. This was confirmed by James Clapper who was described by CNN as “America’s top intelligence official.”

“We continue to see evidence of plotting on the part of [ISIS] in (the UK, Germany and Italy),” Clapper said as reported by CNN.

In the same report, other top officials from the US government, confirmed reports that ISIS is actively plotting terrorist attacks in Europe, following the series of bombings in Brussels and Paris.

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President Barack Obama was also quoted as saying that ISIS is the most urgent threat against nations.

“These terrorists are doing everything in their power to strike our cities and kill our citizens, so we need to do everything in our power to stop them,” the president was quoted as saying in his speech made in Hanover.

For the past centuries, traditional warfare strategies have been the mainstay across the world. While technology has been evolving, so as the need to fight against terrorist groups, including the ISIS. This was also announced during visit of the president in London, the New York Times reported.

According to the reports, Obama expressed his desire to utilize its cyberweapons that the US used in different parts of the world, particularly in Iran. It’s no secret that the U.S, through the National Security Agency, has been monitoring the activities of the militant group by using its modern electronic communication technologies.

The NSA is the agency of the government that specializes in electronic surveillance, particularly in highly classified operations that involved national security. Its technology, has been proven effective in breaching through the enemy’s system and literally knowing their whereabouts and activities.

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