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Isabelle Lagace, Melina Roberge: Hotties Busted As Cocaine Dealers

Isabelle Lagace, Melina Roberge: Hotties Busted As Cocaine Dealers
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Isabelle Lagace, Melina Roberge: Hotties Busted As Cocaine Dealers

Canadians Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace’s dream trip turned disastrous for them when their cruise docked in Sydney on Sunday.

The contents allegedly found inside their luggage were absolutely incriminating. Local authorities reportedly found the equivalent of $30.5 million worth of cocaine.

According to the Daily Telegraph, federal police reported that Roberge, 22, Lagace, 28, and fellow Canadian Andre Tamine, 63, had smuggled 95kg of cocaine into Australia. This took place while they were in the luxury liner, Sea Princess, which had traveled to various South American ports en route to Sydney.

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The MS Sea Princess went to Sydney harbor on Sunday after spending almost two months crossing two oceans. While the ship was docking at Sydney, there were border agents, the Australian Federal Police, and sniffer dogs waiting.

The Star reported that the presence of authorities at the port was not a coincidence. There was an exchange of information among multiple partners, which included the Canadian Border Service Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This information-sharing led them to focus on this specific ship.

Law enforcement authorities believe the women had been working as drug mules for an international drug syndicate. This confiscation of narcotics from a cruise ship or plane is considered the biggest in Australian history. The trio could be given life sentences if convicted.

The Canadian trio came from the busy streets of Times Square in New York to the serene beaches of Bermuda, Ecuador, and Tahiti. They posted several photos of their dream trip on Instagram, which looked like photographs taken from pages of a travel brochure.

Several weeks back, Roberge boasted on social media, stating that she was going to fly to the UK from Toronto airport, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Let’s do it again …. #london” was the caption of the photo showing her passport and boarding pass. She posted photos of her and her travelling companion Lagace while inside the Sea Princess.

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