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Is The Thin Line Of Imagination Between Elliot And Mr. Robot Finally Erased?

Is The Thin Line Of Imagination Between Elliot And Mr. Robot Finally Erased?
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Is The Thin Line Of Imagination Between Elliot And Mr. Robot Finally Erased?

The twists and turns coupled with a dramatic storyline have made “Mr. Robot” a popular American TV series. Pulling off a drama with twists at every corner is not a joke. The creator of “Mr. Robot” has done it in a refined manner.

In the network hacking suspense thriller, there are so many things going on from the first episode which made us rethink about the connection between Elliot and Mr. Robot.

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As far as the current storyline goes, it is becoming evident that Mr. Robot is his father. At least the person Elliot sees as Mr. Robot. Darlene is Elliot’s sister. The twists in the show has restructured it in a way that people will keep on guessing and watch the show to find answers.

While the new turns in the show are quite expected from the writer, one more thing that is keeping people guessing is the identity of Mr. Robot. If Christian Slater is the real Mr. Robot or Elliot is the one behind the cover, it is something that requires detection.

We can play detectives too and try to gauge what is going on inside the mind of the creator. When looking at the episodes from the beginning one may even imaging that Elliot is Mr. Robot and what he sees is the distorted image of his broken soul.

Why do we say this?

If you can remember in the first episode when Elliot met Christian Slater, no one noticed their encounter. If that can be considered as a day-to-day thing for New Yorkers, then why did Christian Slater vanished after Elliot thought he was stalking him?

There are scenes where Slater is shown smoking in the subway, which is also quite unrealistic. When Romero opened the door for Elliot and Slater, he only looked at Elliot.

When Slater fires shots in a game, Elliot was the only person to react in the room. Even when Elliot and Slater had a profane communication in the office, no one paid attention.

There are several scenes throughout the show where the other character only sees Elliot and reacts to him. In the seventh episode Elliot sees Slater’s face in the mirror. He also sees Angel and Tyler in it. Is it because all these characters are him? We leave the question to our readers as we find out more mysteries in the show.

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