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Demi Lovato Rude During Meet & Greet, Career In Line?

Demi Lovato Rude During Meet & Greet, Career In Line?
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Demi Lovato Rude During Meet & Greet, Career In Line?

Demi Lovato M&G with fans is hogging the limelight for all wrong reasons. A fan (Lovatics) who had gone for a meet and greet with the pop star is now beyond furious. She said that all her love and respect for the 23-year-old has died down, and has rather given thumbs up to Selena Gomez.

In fac, quite a few of the Lovatics are disgusted and annoyed with the singer and her team for their unorganized and unprofessional attitude towards the Demi Lovato M&G.

Apparently, the fans are furious that after paying a whopping $3,700, they only have to make do with less than a second with the singer, without the latter not even slightly acknowledging them.

The fan took to Twitter share her unpleasant experience. Demi Lovato was not happy taking a photo with her and when asked for a second picture, the singer even muttered to herself. The fan obviously did not like it, Unreality TV reports.

She also wrote that she did not like or expect the way Demi Lovato M&G went. Another fan and her mom recounted to Twitter how they had to wait for more than two hours for the singer to come in.

Moreover, before Demi Lovato arrived, her secretary inquired among fans if anyone had gifts for the singer. Then the waiting fans were told to split themselves into group of four to meet Demi. And all this after paying a whopping sum to meet her!

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez, a former bestie of Demi Lovato appeared to throw shade at the singer and Nick Jonas for charging an insane amount for their “Future Now Tour’s” VIP M&G sessions.

A Twitter account allegedly having inside information of everything Selena claimed that on a meet and greet, Gomez told a  a fan that she at least did not charge $10,000 for the event. Whether or not the whole story is up for contention.

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