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Is Charlie Sheen HIV Positive?

Is Charlie Sheen HIV Positive?
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Is Charlie Sheen HIV Positive?

Charlie Sheen has been pinpointed as the rumored high-profile comedian/actor who acquired HIV.

Charlie Sheen has been pinpointed as the rumored high-profile comedian/actor who acquired HIV. Reports indicate that his lawyers have been preparing for a wave of lawsuits from ex-lovers whom he had sexual relations with.

Sheen has been known in the entertainment industry as one of the high-end actors who live a life linked with several women ranging from media personalities, TV stars, and his most renowned ex-wife Denise Richards.

According to Daily Mail, a porn star who had sex with an alleged Hollywood actor surfaced and told media that she suspected her ex-sex partner to be HIV positive. The 27-year old porn star also revealed that he had intimate relationships with 50 adult actresses and transsexuals, which could result to multiple lawsuits.

The source indicate that she feared one of her sex partners, this Hollywood actor, had been sexually active in several occasions. However, her contention was doubtful as she was tested negative of the virus.

However, another report by The Sun surfaced that may confirm that the porn star was referring to Charlie Sheen, as he was linked to have had relationships with similar attributes to those he publicly dated. In fact, the report indicated that he has lawyers lined up, all knowledgeable about his condition, to prepare themselves for multiple lawsuits.

Knowing his condition, if implications were to be confirmed, his ex-lovers would probably raise a lawsuit against him for putting these women’s health at risk. Furthermore, the litigation are expected to be costly, as he has been with intimate relationships with several women.

Additionally, the reports also indicate that some of his friends urged him to come clean about his situation. However, Sheen allegedly denied allegations and refused to admit to claims.

Hollywood personalities have felt reluctant to come forward if they find out they have HIV. The first person to make a public announcement about this condition was Rock Hudson, the actor from the TV Series “Dynasty.” Freddy Mercury, the vocalist and front man of Queen, followed suit and made a public announcement that he, in fact, was tested positive for HIV. Mercury died shortly thereafter.

With a history of TV personalities coming forward for having tested positive of HIV, is Charlie Sheen going to admit to these claims in the near future? Do you think he is the actor these allegations are pointed at?

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