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Is Channing Tatum Really Dropping Out Of The Gambit Movie?

Is Channing Tatum Really Dropping Out Of The Gambit Movie?
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Is Channing Tatum Really Dropping Out Of The Gambit Movie?

That stand-alone Gambit movie? It may never happen, and Channing Tatum may never step in the shoes of the card-wielding mutant.

Ruper Wyatt has been confirmed to be the film’s director, as per what 20th Century Fox announced during Comic-Con. Sad news, though: according to an unknown source who talked with TheWrap, Channing Tatum himself is planning to drop out of the project.

The source, who is said to be “close to the project,” claims that representatives of the “21 Jump Street” star are currently discussing plans with the studio, but “something is up,” which may lead to the actor quitting the film. The movie is planned to be released on Oct 7, 2016, so whatever discussions they’re having, they better settle it once and for all.

The studio had been busy looking for an ideal leading lady, one prospect being Lea Seydoux. Channing himself has already appeared in Comic-Con, which many see as a formal confirmation of his role.

Until we hear from Tatum and his reps, this will all still be a rumor, of course. The actor and the film studio are both unavailable for comments.

Meanwhile, Bryan Singer has posted a picture on Instagram showing a set from the upcoming “X-Men: Apocalypse” – an Egyptian dungeon showcasing a tall statue. This is expected to be the location for a scene with Apocalypse, the movie’s main villain.

As screenwriter Simon Kinberg told Cinema Blend, “Bryan [Singer] and I just locked into this idea of seeing Apocalypse at the height of his power and glory, which is what we imagined would have been in Egyptian times. It was just to give a tease of, ‘This guy is super-powerful, and there was a moment in time when he was essentially treated as a god, and he’s going to rise again in X-Men: Apocalypse.’”

This takes me back to #raidersofthelostark #notallgreenscreen #xmen #xmenapocalypse

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on

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