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Is the Apple Car Coming?

Is the Apple Car Coming?
Image from Flickr by Robert Couse-Bake


Is the Apple Car Coming?

Apple seems to be hinting on a secret project that has something to do with cars.

In a recent report from, Apple is said to be recruiting experts in the automotive industry to work on a secret lab.

Image from Flickr by Robert Couse-Baker

Image from Flickr by Robert Couse-Bake

“Dozens of Apple employees, led by experienced managers from its iPhone unit, are researching automotive products at a confidential Silicon Valley location outside the company’s Cupertino campus,” the report says.

It is further noted that Apple has been showing signs of this idea before. notes several instances that might prove this idea is true.

In February, an unmanned minivan was circling streets with a camera in it. It was later associated to Apple.

More sources claim that Apple is recruiting people of Tesla caliber to work on projects that have something to do with vehicles.

Lastly, in’s report, a source is reported to have said of the new Apple project, “Three months ago I would have said it was CarPlay … Today I think it’s a car.”

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