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Is IRS down today? IRS Website Down Due To Hardware Failure

Is IRS down today? IRS Website Down Due To Hardware Failure
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Is IRS down today? IRS Website Down Due To Hardware Failure

Is IRS down today? The website of the Internal Revenue Service or IRS is down. As for the details, IRS has posted a statement.

In their news release, IRS has stated that is experiencing a hardware failure starting this afternoon. This causes many of the tax processing systems unavailable.

Some of the services not available for taxpayers because of this hardware failure are the modernized e-file system and other “related systems” like “Where’s My Refund.”

IRS  said that while is still available, the downtime for the other services will remain until tomorrow. Taxpayers are expected to check on the other services after IRS has figured out the scope of the disruption.

Tax-filing, however, should not cease, according to the IRS. Taxpayers can continue preparing and filing their taxes as per normal procedures. They can still do this through their e-file providers until IRS continues accepting electronic tax returns from the said companies.

What about taxpayers who have already filed their taxes? IRS maintains that no further action is required from them.

For those who are expecting refunds, IRS announced that 90% of taxpayers will receive their refunds within three weeks. They are not expecting any major refund disruption because of this.

For more information on the IRS website downtime, you can check out the Internal Revenue Service website at

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