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Iron Man Rises In Russia: Meet Ivan The Terminator

Iron Man Rises In Russia: Meet Ivan The Terminator
Iron Man Suits Sue Lukenbaugh / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Iron Man Rises In Russia: Meet Ivan The Terminator

The Russian military is indeed taking extreme steps to develop a real-life version of Iron Man. The robot, according to reports, is capable of complex tasks that will be useful in combat situations.

According to Russian news website Komsomolskaya Pravda, the life-sized robot fondly called Ivan the Terminator is a Russian military project designed by the Foundation for Advance Studies. It was inspired by the sci-fi film Iron Man.

The report notes that using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the humanoid robot is capable of doing complex tasks and on-the-spot decision-making. In fact, it can drive a car and scan the road, then decides which road to take based on AI-enabled technology. If it sees blockage on its way, it simply stops the car.

The tech was developed to provide military support in situations humans are not able to operate. Some of these cases include responding to a fire. It can even function in radioactive scenarios.

Apart from its built-in AI technology, the robot can also be controlled remotely by a human operator fitted with a specialized sensor suit. The robot can mimic or carry out actions or gestures of the person in control.

But before it can perform more complex tasks, the robot will be subjected to a series of so-called maturity tests, where it will be programmed and tested to perform specialized military tasks.

The report added that the robot is developed jointly by the Russian military together with several companies in Russia. The humanoid robot, technically called the “Anthropomorphic platform number 1,” is the first of a series of new-generation robots the Russian military will be developing in the coming years.

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