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‘Iron Man 4’ Latest News: Fin Fang Foom To Be Villain? Release Date, Plot & Rumors

‘Iron Man 4’ Latest News: Fin Fang Foom To Be Villain? Release Date, Plot & Rumors
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‘Iron Man 4’ Latest News: Fin Fang Foom To Be Villain? Release Date, Plot & Rumors

“Iron Man 4” could be a possibility after Robert Downey Jr. expressed his intentions to star in the movie should Marvel give it the green light. After the successful release of “Captain America: Civil War,” a fourth film featuring Tony Stark seems to be a good idea.

According to Fansided, it is clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would not be possible if the first “Iron Man” movie of Downey Jr. flopped. Now after 8 years and 12 movies and billions of dollars earned it seems time for a fourth installment of the superhero movie that started it all.

No details about the movie are currently confirmed although Tony Stark is set to appear in several films outside his main franchise including the highly anticipated “Spiderman: Homecoming.” It would seem out of place to keep marketing RDJ as Tony if there are no other movies featuring him other than the Avengers.

If “Iron Man 4″ is indeed in the works one of its priorities should be the villain. After previous installments’ villains classified as nothing more than evil versions of his suits, this should be high up on their list of things to consider.

Moviepilot revealed a possible choice for the villain role, the dragon-like extraterrestrial Fin Fang Foom. Besides not another evil incarnation of his suits, they lay out more reasons for the alien to be Tony Stark’s nemesis.

Firstly, they point out that Fin Fang Foom’s origins as an extraterrestrial are not as farfetched as it sounds. With the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” joining up with characters from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” aliens are not figments of imaginations anymore in the eyes of the Avengers, Stark included.

Another reason is the Mandarin — not the pathetic struggling actor played by Ben Kingsley — the REAL Mandarin. After many fans voiced their disappointment at the unexpected plot-twist Marvel released a 13 minute one shot video depicting Trevor Slattery being told that someone wants to meet him and that he wants his name back.

Fin Fang Foom is the source of the real Mandarin’s powers and it should be appropriate that Stark should get rid of him. This would also be a good chance for Marvel to redeem themselves from the whole Mandarin fiasco of the previous film.

A fourth installment would be a good tribute to the film that spurred the Marvel Cinematic Universe into popularity. Be sure to watch upcoming Marvel films to find more clues regarding “Iron Man 4.”

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