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iPhone SE Already Big In China Before Official Store Release

iPhone SE Already Big In China Before Official Store Release
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iPhone SE Already Big In China Before Official Store Release

Apple, amidst its ongoing patent battle with Samsung, its fight with FBI and encryption campaigns might have a silver lining coming soon as it has been reported that its recently released iPhone SE is a hit amongst Chinese buyers, even if it is not officially out in stores yet.

Yes, that’s right! The Cupertino company’s phone, in stores by March 31, has proven to be popular among Chinese consumers. Pre-orders for the said phone, according to early estimates, has already reached 3.4 million in China, proving it is better received than its predecessor iPhone 5c, reports Cult of Mac.

Official pre-order numbers for iPhone SE have not been released by Apple and are expected to be announced later in the week. However, CNBC has done its own investigation and has come up with the total of pre-orders from three retailing sites. Digital Trends adds that the color variants that are popular are rose gold and gold.

The findings are good for Apple, especially for allegedly struggling these past few months for its plans to make it big in emerging markets. However happy the news was, analysts, on the other hand, think that it will not be successful in China. An unofficial distributor from Henan Province, China has said that the new iPhone “has no revolutionary update.”

Additionally, unofficial vendors are used to selling a newly released iPhone for $300 USD over the regular price. But this time, that is not the case. According to him, the demand won’t probably be as strong as that of the iPhone 6 and 6S. He also said that the phone is already being offered for $20 USD, less than the official $505 USD price in China. There’s also a vendor who is offering it $100 USD lower than the official cost.

Meanwhile, Techno Buffalo reports that iPhone SE is also expected to be a big hit in other emerging markets like Brazil, Russia and India. It could also be popular in the US where some users prefer the smaller 4-inch design.

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