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iPhone Rumors: Latest Stories Suggest Apple To Charge Extra For Headphones

iPhone Rumors: Latest Stories Suggest Apple To Charge Extra For Headphones
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iPhone Rumors: Latest Stories Suggest Apple To Charge Extra For Headphones

All new iPhone rumors suggest that the next iPhone will be overpriced because of the latest technology used for headphones. Read on to know more.

Yesterday, we told you about Apple’s plans to skip the headphone jack in the next iPhone in order to design a slimmer phone. If they get rid of the headphone jack, the company will have to tie-up with third-party wired headphone makers to introduce new technology to the devices. The latest iPhone rumors suggest that this may further add to the cost of new iPhone.

The next iPhone is supposed to be iPhone 7, and if stories are to be believed, this phone from Apple is undergoing a design change. With iPhone 7, the company may introduce Sapphire displays, skip the home button, and protect displays with airbags. Even if one of this design change comes to the new iPhone, the price is sure to shoot up. And now, if Apple adopts Lightning cable technology, they will have to pay for third-party certification and/or licensing fees, which the customers will have to pay extra for.

If not that, you will have to buy a DtoA adaptor for which you will again have to pay an extra $100. Isn’t this too much? Well, for now, this is just a rumor. Now, we can only hope that Apple introduce latest technologies but not make the devices more expensive.

Other iPhone 7 rumors

Following Sony Xperia, Apple may make iPhone 7 a waterproof phone. This smartphone may also sport a powerful battery and last longer than iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus’ batteries. Like many other latest smartphones, the next iPhone may also come with USB Type-C and introduce devices directly with 32GB storage. That means no iPhone 7 with 16GB option. The next-gen processor technology A10 will be used to power the next iPhone.

2016 is almost here. Now, we can expect some solid news, no more iPhone 7 rumors, to make the headlines.

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