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iPhone Hacking: Protect Your Wi-Fi Connected iPhone, iPad From Hackers

iPhone Hacking: Protect Your Wi-Fi Connected iPhone, iPad From Hackers
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iPhone Hacking: Protect Your Wi-Fi Connected iPhone, iPad From Hackers

Technology is improving with every passing day. This has its own pros and cons as hackers have becoming tech experts too. Security issues have always been surrounding gadgets especially cell phones and computers. Even though companies like the Apple and Google try their best to put a full stop to hacking, they always find a way to break into the devices. Once again, iPad and iPhone hacking is in the news.

iPhone hacking is something users are experiencing for a while now. When a solution to one hack is found, hackers come up with other methods to break the device. As per the Telegraph’s report, “Security researchers have found a method to remotely break an iPhone or iPad connected to any Wi-Fi network, by tricking it into believing the date is January 1, 1970.” How does this work? When you set the date on your iPhone to 01st January 1970, your phone remains of no use. With this date, the phones do not reboot. Some hackers saw this an opportunity to break the phones, hence presenting another method for iPhone hacking to them.

Even after knowing what happens to the iPhones when the date is changed, some people via internet encouraged iOS users to change the dates of their devices so that a retro theme could be unlocked. The date change and iPad, iPhone hacking becomes easier when the devices are connected over Wi-Fi.

iPad, iPhone Hacking Over Wi-Fi: How To Avoid?

With this kind of iPad, iPhone hacking, users may lose all the information. The devices are also exposed to serious damages and threats. To avoid iPad, iPhone hacking over Wi-Fi, follow these tips:

  1. Use trusted Wi-Fi connections. Do not connect to networks that are not protected with the password
  2. Do not use internet connection that does not have a safety certificate
  3. Keep your devices updated to the latest version of iOS

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