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iPhone Case Turns the Device into Camera for Professional Photographers

iPhone Case Turns the Device into Camera for Professional Photographers


iPhone Case Turns the Device into Camera for Professional Photographers

iPhone Case Turns the Device into Camera

As many smartphones these days try to increase resolution of their cameras and as several apps help create interesting photos, some accessory makers get into the game. For sure, consumers would rave about a handset case that could help turn Apple Inc’s popular mobile phone into an improvised digital camera for professional photographers.

That is what Orbit case is all about. The accessory was developed and launched by iZZi Gadgets. This amazing product could turn an iPhone into a digital photography device that could be useful even to professional photographers. Interestingly, the case is not that complicated.

Four lenses

Orbit has four lenses. Its fish-eye lens could facilitate a 180-degree view of sceneries and subjects. The macro lens captures more detailed close-ups of just about anything. The telephoto lens doubles the power of the zoom feature, while the wide-angle lens takes pictures that are about 0.67 times wider.

Those optical lenses are built within a rotating spindle that is attached to this iPhone case. The material used in the case is durable aluminum. It features a grip that could help make the hand steadier while the user is taking a picture. There are even three 20-mm slots that could facilitate tripod mounts for greater stabilization when taking photos.

It is very easy to use each of the lenses on the iPhone case, thanks to a simple and practical setup. Just put the iPhone in the inner silicon case. Secure it in the metal case outside and make sure the smartphone’s own camera is aligned to the viewfinder of the case.

Buying Orbit case

The spindle could be easily turned when the user needs to use any of the specified lenses. The three lenses could be instantly clicked into place, while the macro lens could be accessed through removal of the wide-angle lens.

Of course, Orbit case does just as it is intended to do. It does not include any editing app. However, a user could always find and download any of those apps through the App Store. The case could be bulky but it could easily slide into any pocket. The convenient thumbhole could easily pop the handset out of the case.

Orbit case is specifically designed for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. It comes in various colors: black, silver, blue, purple, and red. The case for iPhone 4 costs $230 while the version for iPhone 5 could be purchased for $240. Some may argue that the tag price is still quite hefty but it surely is much cheaper compared to purchasing of a new digital camera that comes with four lenses.

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