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iPhone 8 To Be An All-Glass Design; Apple Should Drop The Idea, Right Now!

iPhone 8 To Be An All-Glass Design; Apple Should Drop The Idea, Right Now!


iPhone 8 To Be An All-Glass Design; Apple Should Drop The Idea, Right Now!

iPhones are already vulnerable to breaking. You will often spot iPhone users with a broken display. Once broken, these displays are difficult to fix and you’d have to continue to use the device as it is. On the other hand, users have also been requesting Apple for a design change. Taking the request seriously, the company has been introducing small changes every year. But for iPhone 8, the smartphone that will be launched next year is said to be sporting an all-glass design.

The all-glass design for the rumored iPhone 8 is predicted by none other than Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities’ analyst who has always been accurate with predicting Apple’s next move. According to him, the iPhone 7, though expected to be launched with some design changes, will still sport an aluminium design. The drastic change can be expected for the iPhone releasing next year, in 2017. He also believes that iPhone 8 will feature AMOLED display. The phone will supposedly be thinner, lighter and also support wireless charging.

Will iPhone 8 Mark The Downfall Of Apple?

Apple charges its customer for every new change. And as we all know, every time the price hikes, the phone goes out of the Apple fans’ reach. Earlier, iPhones were targeted at a particular audience, say the upper middle class and the crowd that can be called, ‘rich.’

By making the devices available to only a a particular section of the society, the company maintained its status. But now it looks like, Apple is going way too far with its pricing. Whenever an iPhone 7 news came about rumored changes or new technology, all that everyone could think of was the price hike.

With iPhone 8 being an all-glass design, it will worsen the already existing “breaking displays” problem of the devices with no other technology backing it up. On the other hand, the prices will once again soar. Are people willing to pay high prices to phones that do not even guarantee lasting for a short time period? Even if you’re part of the upper class, are people willing to get themselves a new iPhone every now and then just because the glass accidentally broke?

This is something to think about. Though Apple tried to widen its reach by introducing a non-expensive iPhone, iPhone SE, the device has not met the company’s sales expectations. If this continues, Apple may actually experience an all praise, no sales with iPhone 8.

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