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iPhone 8 Latest News: Features, Prices, Video & Rumors

iPhone 8 Latest News: Features, Prices, Video & Rumors
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iPhone 8 Latest News: Features, Prices, Video & Rumors

After the schematics leak of iPhone 7, Apple’s upcoming announcement in September could turn out to be a major letdown. Analysts are already predicting iPhone 8 to be the smartphone destined to bring technology-leaping features into the hands of consumers. But, what can we except in iPhone 8?

A11 Chip

Recent reports by DigiTimes claimed that Apple and Taiwanese chip maker TSMC are working together to introduce a newly designed A11 chip in iPhone 8 for 2017.  The rumored-to-be-created processor is a 10nm FinFET, supposedly more proficient than the processor used in iPhone 6S A9 (16nm). The “industry sources” stated in DigiTimes also confirmed that A11 is still in development and will only be available for integration for iPhone 8.

Fingerprint sensor embedded in screen?

Rumors suggest that iPhone 8 will be introducing a fingerprint technology with sensors built in with the screen. If true, for the first time since its production in 2007, the smartphone could be removing the “Primary” home button. This prediction has high accuracy due to the other rumor of designing the iPhone 8 with sapphire glass.

The fingerprint verification could probably be similar to the Android version of “left-right/ right-left drag to unlock;” the only difference would be the inclusion of sensors into the screen to allow access to registered users.

Innovation of entire design attribute of iPhone 8

News that had spread around earlier this week suggests that iPhone 7 won’t be excluding the 3.5mm headphone jack. Neither will the smartphone include a smart connector. If these predictions are true, we can expect them in iPhone 8. Moreover, the 2017 smartphone will also feature a lightning port that will serve as an audio and charging output.

Furthermore, the sapphire glass body will help the manufacturer make the smartphone dust-proof and waterproof. Predicting the mm limit of waterproof is still too soon.

OLED Screen replacing LCD in iPhone 8

Rumors suggest that Apple would probably link up with SHARP or LG to introduce OLED screen into its devices. Since 2007, the company has been using the outdated LCD in all its smartphone devices. But, we could expect the company to break a deal with Samsung as they produce the best screen technology in the industry, not to mention their Super AMOLED technology.

Specs and features rumored

The iPhone 7 Pro models were rumored to be aimed at the business community. This meant the increase in storage capacity. In terms of iPhone 8, the smartphone’s storage could range from 16GB to 256GB. Adding to that, in support of the powerful A11 chip, the phone could carry 3GB of RAM. The phone is also being proposed to introduce a dual camera with two different lenses. The company’s priority towards camera technology suggests an improvement in megapixel, most likely 18MP.

Pricing and Release Date

Lastly, considering the year of the previous announcement of the iPhone, the flagship will be announced on September 2017. Basing on the features discussed above, we can predict the phone to be priced at $749.

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