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iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Pro & iPhone 7 Plus: Which Phone Should You Wait For

iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Pro & iPhone 7 Plus: Which Phone Should You Wait For
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iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Pro & iPhone 7 Plus: Which Phone Should You Wait For

The release of Apple’s iPhone 7 will be the most awaited event for 2016. But, is it the right gadget to go for? Although the specs for iPhone 7 series hasn’t been unveiled yet, rumors from credible sources can give fans the idea as to which of the iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 should they really wait for.

With the announcement of Apple iPhone 7 series reportedly set to take place during September of this year, the recent leaked images from Mac Fan (Japanese magazine) gave awaiting Apple fans glimpse of the much anticipated units: iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone Standard model.

According to the leaked schematics, the iPhone 7 Pro will have a built-in Dual camera setup. Possibly, to highlight the exclusivity of ‘Pro version’, the dual camera wouldn’t be considered for ‘Plus’. According to Value Walk, the said camera technology would also be redefined with ‘DSLQ quality’ for the Pro version and the periscope design may be included as well. According to analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, however, the latter would be delayed for iPhone 8 in 2017.

Even if Apple misses the two best innovative changes mentioned above, it would rather increase the Megapixel in iPhone 7 Pro to differentiate the model from ‘Plus’, in terms of camera. (Classic Move)

In physical attribution, the smartphone would be different in sizes comparatively to distinguish itself just like iPhone 6 series. The iPhone 7 Pro would weigh more and its screen size would be larger than 7 plus, considering the Plus to be 5.5 inches in screen size. However, the game changer for Apple would be to introduce its first curved screen, in competition with Samsung, as reported by Value Walk.

Apple could also produce storage devices ranging up to 256GB in iPhone 7 Plus & iPhone 7 Pro. This idea of improvement in storage variant could set its devices on top of the market. But the real question is, would the pricing be worth it?

The biggest rumor that riled up the fans is the expectation that lies in Apple’s concept of wireless technology. The leaked schematics also reveal the exclusion of Headphone jack. Adding to that, iPhone could introduce wireless charging a.k.a smart connector. But, its inclusion in the 7 series is quite doubtful. If included, it would be an exclusive feature only for ‘Pro’.

The extraordinary changes expected by the awaiting fans could easily be pushed for the 8 series in 2017. iPhone 8 has a higher percentage in including capabilities like smart charging, DSLR technology for camera, OLED screen and likely an A11 chip. The one-year leap of technology could also improve Apple’s screen technology, upgrade of its processors and maybe provide quad HD to one of its variant in the 8 series.

One of the most expected design change in the 8 series would be an ‘All Glass Design’, possibly Sapphire glass. Furthermore, the company is expected to eventually tweak or change its internal part after its response from 7 Series. Rumors already suggest iPhone’s chip supply would be taken over by Intel.

Apple has been heavily critiqued over the years for its ignorance in battery consumption. (A feature that hasn’t been discussed for the 7 series) According to the specs for 8 Series, Apple would be forced to improved their current 1,715mAh lithium ion battery to support its state-of-the-art features.

Although Apple conspires to release one of the best iPhone series this year, most of its exciting features wouldn’t be included in the 7 Series. iPhone 7 Pro could initially be a smartphone for the business community, improving its processing speed and storage capacity.

However, the pricing predicted for both models land at a range of 750-850$. The high variant would eventually be priced the most (iPhone 7 Pro), The model might just include features likes dual camera sensors and removal of headphone jack. Pushing the earlier mentioned features to 2017.

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