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iPhone 8 Features: Possibly A Copycat Of Galaxy S7 Edge

iPhone 8 Features: Possibly A Copycat Of Galaxy S7 Edge
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iPhone 8 Features: Possibly A Copycat Of Galaxy S7 Edge

Various reports from analysts and credible sources last month suggested that the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 will be revolutionary compared to previous smartphones. However, that’s not entirely true.

iPhone 8 similar to Galaxy S7 Edge?

Apple’s decision to move past LCD technology was successfully met with Samsung for a deal of $2.6 billion. The tech giant will be be required to supply over 100 million OLED screens in 2017. While it’s evident this technology will be integrated with iPhone 8, According to Value Walk, Kevin Wong, head of IHS China, has learned that iPhone 8 will be featuring an OLED screen that is double-curved.

If proven true, the innovative company is on the road to create a copy of Galaxy S7 Edge with a logo of Apple. However, as pointed out by Mobi Picker, companies like Vivo and Xiaomi have already adapted the curve technology.

As of now, in the case of iPhone 7, rumors suggest it will be increasing storage capacity up to 256GB and upgrading its RAM to 2GB. Also, schematics and design plates reveal the design of iPhone 7 to be similar to iPhone 6.

While Apple would extensively work for a better design pattern for iPhone 8, its inclusion of OLED screen and curve technology would inevitably be compared to Samsung’s devices. If Apple manages to pull an “All Glass” design and integrate fingerprint technology on the screen sans the home button, no tech giant would beat Apple in 2017.

But let’s not jump to conclusions. Samsung would probably unveil its 2017 flagship in the hopes of dominating Apple.

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