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iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Battle of Flagships, Features Roundup and More

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Battle of Flagships, Features Roundup and More
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iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Battle of Flagships, Features Roundup and More

Apple and Samsung have been longtime rivals, especially in the smartphone arena. While there have been many players, still, upcoming releases from the two companies are often pitted against each other – this time, devices include the Apple iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

The Apple iPhone 7 is expected to launch in the latter part of the year but several reports and leaks already claim to have a good picture of what the device will offer. At a glance, some of the expected features include:

  • no headphone jack
  • dual lens camera module
  • thinner build
  • new processor
  • two screen sizes specifically the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 variants

More importantly, the device is shaping up to be a revolutionary as it is touted to come with a number of wireless features specifically, wireless earbuds and wireless charging. According to MacRumors, Apple supposedly paired up with Energous to bring the wireless charging technology. The latter company already has a wireless charging technology, WattUp that can power devices through radio frequencies up to 15 feet away. ValueWalk also reported that Apple could be working on the iPhone 7 to be more health oriented. It should also come with waterproof and dust-resistant capabilities along with A10 chipset and iOS 10.

As for Samsung Galaxy Note 6, it appears Samsung is betting more on the device than its Galaxy S7 flagship. According to Tech Radar, a source just hinted that Samsung will not be launching the Galaxy S7 Edge+ but will focus on the Galaxy Note 6 in UK instead. The device is expected to come with 16-Core chip, 8GB RAM, microSD slot and 4K screen. It also expected to come with 4K display, 6 to 6.2 inches build, 30MP primary camera, 16MP front camera and fast-charging technology. Other reports also claimed the Galaxy Note 6 to come with Android N.

All features reported for both flagships are not yet final. Reports should be taken with a grain of salt until final announcements.

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