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iPhone 7 Update: Tipster Reveals iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus In Production

iPhone 7 Update: Tipster Reveals iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus In Production
iPhone Pro el nuevo modelo mejorado del iPhone 7 Plus iphonedigital / Flickr cc


iPhone 7 Update: Tipster Reveals iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus In Production

With so many iPhone 7 update rumors going around, it is difficult to segregate the real ones from the fake. If a recent rumor is to be believed, three variations of the iPhone 7 are currently in production.

The onslaught of Apple’s iPhone 7 rumors and leaks are enough to put anyone’s mind in a tizzy. Initially, it was revealed that iPhone 7 is going to have 3 variants – a regular-sized one with the 4.7-inch screen and two others with 5.5-inch screens. It was also revealed that the regular-sized one, simply called iPhone 7, was going to have single lens, while only one of the 5.5-inch models, namely iPhone 7 Pro, is going to include a special dual lens along with several upgrades, reports BGR.

However, this rumor was followed by one that claims Apple has decided to endow all 5.5-inch iPhone 7 models with the dual-lens feature, which kind of made the necessity of having a separate iPhone 7 Pro null and void. Hence, it was clear that only two models of iPhone 7 are going to exist – the iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

According to an image leaked by Mobipicker, it seems like Apple is going forward with the decision of manufacturing all three models of iPhone 7, as it was initially estimated. The tipster on the website also revealed that the decision of having three variants instead of two is a fairly recent one, something that led Apple to scramble for hiring more staff to get the task accomplished within the given deadline.

Other than that it is pretty difficult to tell exactly how different the two 5.5-inch models will be from each other. Will both of them contain the Smart Connector that was rumored to be included in just iPhone 7 Pro earlier? Or will the iPhone 7 Pro take the edge by having a better quality dual camera than iPhone 7 Plus?

All we can do for now is wait and see what’s in store for Apple’s iPhone 7, which is rumored to release sometime in September this year.

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