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iPhone 7 Rumors: Dual-SIM Feature, Memory Slot, Dual-Lens Camera Confirmed?

iPhone 7 Rumors: Dual-SIM Feature, Memory Slot, Dual-Lens Camera Confirmed?
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iPhone 7 Rumors: Dual-SIM Feature, Memory Slot, Dual-Lens Camera Confirmed?

Ever since iPhone 7 rumors indicated that the 3 3.5mm headphone jack will not be available on Apple’s next flagship smartphone, fans have been giving negative feedback. However, a leakster claimed that Apple could eventually decide to keep it.

Rock Fix, a repair shop based in China’s Ganzhou province, have posted photos of iPhone 7 components on Weibo. The images showed the 4.7-inch model with a lightning cable and a headphone jack attached to it.

The shop also shared alleged iPhone 7 with dual-SIM trays. If this iPhone 7 rumors turn out to be true then it would be Apple’s first smartphone with a dual-SIM feature. Rock Fix images also showed some screen panels in the usual two sizes, as well as some SanDisk 256GB memory. The upcoming flagship could also feature a dual-lens camera.

Engadget claimed that the shop owner had clarified that there will some changes to the device’s antenna design. However, this does not mean that Apple will move the antenna bands from the back of the phone. Perhaps, the company may switch to Intel’s modem for GSM devices.

However, there is still uncertainty despite recent leaks about the iPhone 7 features. Last week, a Foxconn source told Engadget that the next iPhone will not have adual-lens camera.

Another insider from Foxconn said that suppliers have already made the said feature ready for iPhone 7 and it would be too late to change it now. The self-proclaimed employee of Foxconn commented on Weibo’s post, saying that the devices are already in mass production since last month.

Furthermore, other smartphone makers like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are also considering the dual-lens camera system. Based on the recent iPhone 7 rumors, it appears that the dual-lens feature will also become a popular trend, similar to how the fingerprint sensor took the tech market by storm before.

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