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iPhone 7 Release Date, Features & Rumors: Smart Connector Removed In Latest Leak

iPhone 7 Release Date, Features & Rumors: Smart Connector Removed In Latest Leak
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iPhone 7 Release Date, Features & Rumors: Smart Connector Removed In Latest Leak

Although it’s basically all rumors at this point, tech enthusiasts are less than happy to discover features getting deducted rather than added to the latest launch from Apple – iPhone 7. In another disappointing leak, it seems like it’s going to be a no-go for the Smart Connector that debuted in the iPad Pro range and was rumored to be included in iPhone 7 as well.

According to Forbes, even though the Smart Connector was clearly visible in a leaked prototype of iPhone 7, Apple has decided to omit the feature from its final design. The Smart Connector enables the Lightning Port to transmit both data as well as power simultaneously.

Including the feature in iPad Pro meant that third-party keyboards need not have separate charging units or batteries; they just have to be plugged into the iPad, and they are good to go. It would have been interesting to see how Apple decided to use the Smart Connector in the iPhone 7, given that it would have empowered the device to lend power to any number of accessories from wireless headphones to mini keypads.

Some of the other rumored features and withdrawals that have been listed by MacRumors are:

  • Appearance: The appearance will differ from its predecessor, the iPhone 6, even though many have speculated that it might be slightly thinner, with a less-protruding camera. The only thing of significance is the removal of the antenna bands from the back of the device and relocating it to the side or the top.
  • The absence of headphone jack: iPhone 7 is going wireless with the exclusion of any headphone jack from the device. This means that the lightning port will also act as the connecting port for wired headphones, though most people prefer opting for wireless Bluetooth headphones for greater convenience.
  • A second speaker: For a more stereo sound quality, Apple may include a second speaker in place of the headphone jack.
  • Processor: The next generation A10 processor is going to power the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Camera: The iPhone 7 will stick to the standard single camera lens, and the iPhone 7 Plus might include a dual camera lens. The dual camera lens will feature DSLR-like image quality with 2-3x optical zoom and high-definition resolution even in dim lights.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is due for release in the fall of 2016.

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