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iPhone 7 Price: Li-Fi Technology, Dual-Camera Tech To Increase Price Further?

iPhone 7 Price: Li-Fi Technology, Dual-Camera Tech To Increase Price Further?

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iPhone 7 Price: Li-Fi Technology, Dual-Camera Tech To Increase Price Further?

The latest rumors suggest that iPhone 7 may use Li-Fi wireless data technology and may also sport dual-camera. Another excuse for an iPhone 7 price hike?

Just a few months ago, latest wireless data technology Li-Fi was in the news. This technology said to be better than Wi-Fi has not been put to use yet. The latest iPhone 7 update suggests that Apple may introduce Li-Fi on its upcoming device. The buzz is that the phone may also sport dual-camera technology. If this is true, the iPhone 7 price will definitely shoot further.

When iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were released last year, we came across stories about people selling their kidneys to buy iPhones, especially the rose gold model. Considering the craze for this phone and also the demand for changes, it looks like Apple is going to use this factor to the fullest – from display to camera, everything is going to be new. What about the iPhone 7 price? Can we expect an unaffordable hike?

According to a certificate published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the company has approved the dual-camera technology patented by Apple. The tech was filed by the brand in February 2015. If a dual-camera tech comes to iPhone 7, this smartphone will use two cameras and capture separate images which can be further edited with tools. Though this technology can also be used for PCs and tablets, many suspect that the iPhone is the device that will introduce the dual-camera. Never-used-before technology, never-heard-before iPhone 7 price?

As for Li-Fi, we know what this technology is all about and why it has been in the news a few months back. The world was going crazy over a technology faster than Wi-Fi and uses LED light bulbs to work. Li-Fi wireless data technology has not been used in any of the smartphones yet, so it is safe to say that it still has not been properly put to use. A majority of the non-tech world is still unaware what Li-Fi is all about. If Apple’s next smartphone comes along with data technology as new as Li-Fi, it will definitely show on the iPhone 7 price tag.

Apple is known for shooting prices of iPhones with every launch. One new feature or spec, and the iPhone price aims for the sky. This year, many changes have been predicted for iPhone 7. We can say that if Apple introduces all rumored changes with iPhone 7, the smartphone will get a complete makeover. And each and every time the phone is transformed, the iPhone 7 price will hike.

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