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iPhone 7 Plus Preorder: How To Get iPhone 7 On September 16

iPhone 7 Plus Preorder: How To Get iPhone 7 On September 16
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iPhone 7 Plus Preorder: How To Get iPhone 7 On September 16

Find out if you can preorder the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus online anymore and if you can get it delivered by September 16th.

While iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is officially getting released on September 16, there are still doubts as to whether tech lovers will actually be able to get their hands on one by that time or not.

Even though Apple announced that it would be taking pre-orders starting September 9th, most people who tried ordering the iPhone Plus, especially the jet black one, found that the estimated delivery date the popped up on the screens was sometime in October or even later!

This has led many to give up hopes of receiving an iPhone 7 Plus on 16th September. For those disappointed souls, Apple has come up with an Upgrade Program.

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iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

The Apple Upgrade Program lets one reserve an iPhone 7 Plus online. However, one has to physically visit an Apple Store nearby to pick it up on September 16th.

There is one more catch – you have to be eligible in order to pre-book your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus this way. The problem is, the eligibility criteria is still a bit of a mystery.

According to Heavy, while some people could easily avail the program, despite having bad credit scores, others with comparatively better credit records were denied the privilege of getting their hands on an iPhone 7 Plus on its release date.

Also, ever since the program was launched, people have been complaining that they are unable to preorder the make and model that they desired and instead had to settle for a different size or color. It has to be added in this regard that the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus was the hardest to get.

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iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black

And customers are not the only one suffering from a world of confusion when it comes to Apple Upgrade Program.

“We’ve been told that we’re getting stock in-store for [the Apple Upgrade Program] based on historical purchase data of model sizes and configurations here, plus attach rate of the program. Looking at the numbers today, I’m getting a lot of users who didn’t buy from me, but are coming to see me anyhow,” told an Apple store manager to Apple Insider.

However, if you still want to try out the Apple Upgrade Program, you can visit this link. Just keep your fingers crossed and pray that you are eligible to preorder!

For the latest iPhone 7 News please stay tuned in to this site.

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