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iPhone 7 Images: Leaked Renders Show ‘Bumpy’ Back Camera

iPhone 7 Images: Leaked Renders Show ‘Bumpy’ Back Camera
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iPhone 7 Images: Leaked Renders Show ‘Bumpy’ Back Camera

Further speculation is added to the mix of overspilling rumors surrounding Apple’s next big launch – the iPhone 7. The recently leaked iPhone 7 images disappointed Apple fans as it’s very clear that Apple has yet again failed to get rid of its “bumpy” camera designs.

For years, the question (if smartphones developers can figure it out, why can’t the maker of iPhones?) has been raging on, and unfortunately, we are no closer to getting an answer, even in 2016. The expectation that maybe Apple will finally get rid of the camera bulge in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus still remains unfulfilled, as far as the latest iPhone 7 images go.

A Czech Apple blog has leaked a couple of photos of iPhone 7 on Chinese site Weibo, which re-confirms some of the rumors doing the rounds for some time now and negates others.

One of the biggest negations is the indication that the camera bump still exists, contrary to some of the rumored reports that Apple has finally worked out a way to eliminate it, reports GSMArena. A thin metallic ring is seen surrounding the protruding camera in the image, which further accentuates the bumpy look of the camera.

Another mysterious feature pointed out regarding the iPhone 7 camera is the existence of two holes, between the camera lens and the LED Flash, placed vertically, and the upper one slightly bigger than the lower hole, reports Forbes.

One of the holes is, of course, a rear microphone for enhancing audio quality, but what about the other one? While some people are contemplating that it might be used for stereo recording, a majority is convinced that it is definitely an auto-focus laser that helps the camera focus better under dim lights.

Some of the features previously rumors but have been confirmed by the latest iPhone 7 images leak are:

  • Absence of headphone jack
  • Absence of the Smart Connector (since it was later said to be included in iPhone 7 Plus)
  • No dual cameras (again, to be included in iPhone 7 Plus instead)
  • Antenna bands repositioned closer to the top and bottom edges.
  • Metallic unibody design

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