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iPhone 7 Design Confirmed, Images Leaked Online!

iPhone 7 Design Confirmed, Images Leaked Online!
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iPhone 7 Design Confirmed, Images Leaked Online!

Apple has been facing a lot heat since its breakdown and unfortunately, the ‘iPhone sales driven’ company will be dealing with more pressing concerns after its official iPhone 7 announcement.  Earlier today, A Japanese magazine got ahead of Apple’s plan and leaked the entire design structure of iPhone 7 online.

Mac Fan (Magazine) was able to gather enough information, what seems to be like a basic blueprint for the entire outer design for the 5.5-inch ‘iPhone 7 Pro.’  The Pro is highly expected by the developers to be the primary 7th generation driven model to lead the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus along. According to tech rumors, the model has been controversial in the industry.

Firstly, we can confirm that Apple has decided to bid its farewell to headphone jacks in iPhone 7. The plan clearly show us the removal of the tiny opening, all set to attempt a paradigm shift in the world of wireless technology. With everything Apple has faced over the last week, we can be certain Apple is risking a lot in throwing away the oldest standard technology in mobile platform.

The next risky move is pointed out in the Mac Fan’s leaked plan; no second speakers. Pervious rumors claimed this feature to be included, inclusion of a external stereo audio may be just be a rumour after all.

There will be no changes in chassis design as Apple will be using the same pattern from iPhone 6, proving the claims of ‘KGI Securities’ analyst Ming- Chi Kuo to be credible. The Mac Fan’s leaked image also confirms the iPhone 7 will have no changes in its dimension and will be the same as iPhone 6’s 7.3mm and 0.4mm thicker than 6 Plus.

Before delving into the bad news, iPhone 7 is not filled with all disappointments, the model was told to be Apple’s redemption from this year’s sale. A highly anticipated rumor from earlier reports can be true according to the images, A dual lens camera. The iPhone 7 pro will be including several game-changing technologies and a dual lens is certainly one among them.

Although we still do not have enough info to clarify the uses of dual lens, we can presume that one lens could be a wide angle/macro/fish lens. An option that lets us interchange the lenses? We’ll have to wait and find out.

Rumors also suggest that the dual lens camera will only be available in iPhone 7 Pro, removing the best feature from iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus, perhaps not the best move by Apple. However, the dual camera seemingly increases the bulge in the front portion.

Finally, the Smart Connector! If you look close enough into the Mac Fan’s leaked image, the iPhone 7 Pro has included three dots similar to the iPad Pro. A special feature that would allow “transfer of data and power simultaneously” This feature could be a major game changer for iPhone 7.

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